"FRTNK" is an American Alternative Hip-Hop trio 


The journey of the moon man

T H E journey begins with a b o y who had a dream so vivid, it i n s p i r e d a lifelong

pursuit of c r e a t i v i t y and passion. The boy dreamed of discovering

secret treasures on a distant planet f a r beyond his own. In disarray, the boy was

perplexed by what his dreams meant, or if he would ever see the place in his dreams


Regardless, this was no fleeting memory; He knew he had to find a  w a y.


The boy worked t i r e l e s s l y in his room d r a w i n g pictures, designing instruments of

art and studying s o u n d s c a p e s just to find the path that would take him to this

u n k n o w n  destination. With each passing day, it proved more and

more difficult to discern his dream from his reality. He e v e n t u a l l y began

d e v e l o p i n g skills in production, he learned how to speak the language of the arts,

he became obsessed with creating a  r e n a i s s a n c e; the boy wanted to lead a



Even with all of these unique skills and dedicated time, the boy found himself

lost. Wondering how to get to this far away p l a c e... he decided to seek the help

of The Wise Men. T h e  W i s e  M e n were never met by coincidence, but by destiny, and

soon it became obvious The Wise Men were not of this world, but from the world i n the

boy’s dream. “Is this real?”

he t h o u g h t to himself… “Did the dream ever stop?”.


When the boy discovered this The wise men began to unveil each of their legends to the him.

The first wise man had broken the bounds of creativity,

a n d  b e c o m e  l i m i t l e s s in capability. The second wise man had heard every sound in existence, allowing

him to t r a n s c e n d communication. Last and most importantly, the third wise man

had seen the face of wisdom and thus had an understanding far b e y o n d any

earthly conception. After revealing their legends, they told the boy, “To reach past the

 skies, you must be t h e  m o o n man who sees even further ”.


"T h a n k  y o u", the boy said and took their images and words to heart.

The Wise Men vanished and it was now time for the boy to unveil a legend of his own; He

looked around and saw everything he had been building and how his dreams were no

longer just about him but something bigger...

From one, to many. Thus the movement to the sky began.